Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cavalry Command

I've just returned from the Partizan wargames show at Kelham Hall, Newark and I managed to pick up these two command figures fairly cheaply. I have some Companion cavalry which already have a command unit but I've recently received a unit of Greek and Theban cavalry which are currently leaderless so I thought these characters would make an attractive addition to the unit.

Horse Archers (2)

Here, I have applied the basic colours to the Horse. It's a little too ornate for the period i'm playing but it will certainly add some character and much needed colour to the battlefield!

This is a shot after the Army Painter dip has dried, some 24 hours later. As you can see it's given the cloth over the Horse a really nice shaded effect although it has given the whole model a shine but this can easily be remedied by using a matt varnish spray.

The rider now needs painting and then gluing to the Horse which will then be properly based.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Horse Archers

I'm going to be doing a couple of posts to demonstrate the painting of one of my Assyrian horse archers. I chose Assyrian horse archers because I preferred their look to other horse archers currently on the market. I can use these initially against my Macedonians and later on incorporate them much like Alexander did after being harassed by them throughout his journey across Asia. They also form part of an Assyrian army I got from Wargames Foundry at a discount (I know it's historically inaccurate to fight the two being several hundred years apart but they come from the same part of Asia geographically as many of Alexander's enemies and share very similar tactics and troop types).

This archer's legs and torso were separated by a thick piece of metal so you can position the body to your liking. I had to get my Dad to do it because it was so thick and he cut a big chunk of the torse out! So I had to use 'green stuff' for the first time which was a little tricky at first but I managed to successfully fill the gap.

I then sprayed both the horse and archer their basic colours as I will be using the 'Army Painter' available through Warlord Games. This method is often overlooked and laughed at by more experienced painters but novice painters such as myself can get a really satisfying effect and make it look almost as good as seasoned professional's work!

I received the Alexander WAB rules supplement through the post today. It makes for a very interesting read and gives some great ideas for future units and colour schemes.