Sunday, 6 September 2009

Horse Archers (2)

Here, I have applied the basic colours to the Horse. It's a little too ornate for the period i'm playing but it will certainly add some character and much needed colour to the battlefield!

This is a shot after the Army Painter dip has dried, some 24 hours later. As you can see it's given the cloth over the Horse a really nice shaded effect although it has given the whole model a shine but this can easily be remedied by using a matt varnish spray.

The rider now needs painting and then gluing to the Horse which will then be properly based.


DeanM said...

This guy is looking great. Dean

Consul said...

Thanks Dean. I recently sold all my Assyrians apart from my Horse Archers to free up some funds to continue my Roman and Greek projects so not sure when this guy's getting finished! But I now have some proper Persian horse archers from 1st Corps which I'm looking forward to painting! They will oppose both my Romans AND Greeks.

Thanks again for your comment.