Thursday, 22 October 2009


Not quite the finished article yet but they're on their way. I spent an hour or so gluing spears and shields in place this morning and I tried to split them into those I would give coloured tunics and those I would give white (7 coloured, 9 white). I've also roughly arranged them on their bases (don't worry! I haven't glued them on) to see which figures go well together and how the spread of colours would look. I was a little worried whether it would look a bit stupid with the colours being different and standing out (I have to admit, I prefer uniformity!) but I think it'll turn out fine, and once the coloured tunics are shaded down, it will look a little more blended and together as a unit.

By this time, Peltasts tended to form up into units, acting more like infantry than skirmishers which I why i've decided to base them this way. I plan to base my Psiloi on four separate bases (each base forms a square the size of two of the smaller bases shown in the photo) to represent their loose skirmish formation.

I hope to finish this unit by Sunday evening and will post a photo or two when they are!


BigRedBat said...

I recognise those bases! ;-)

Consul said...

I hope you didn't mind me using them for my Greeks! As my Celt project is on hold until both Roman and Greek armies are at atleast 1000 points each I thought they'd be better put to use here than sit in a box for months.

I'm so fond of the bases, however, I may need to put another order it at the online shop! ;-)

This blog may be of interest to you in the coming months as I'm painting my Greeks and Spartans first, before my Macedonian Phalanx.