Thursday, 25 February 2010

Advice from 1st Corps RE: Mahouts

I contacted 1st Corps about what they recommended to do when mounting their mahouts and have received a swift response from them.

As I have done, they suggested one possible option is to cut the legs to appear as if their hidden behind the ears but another suggestion they make (and it's a rather ingenious one!) is to bend the legs backwards. If you can't picture this, imagine how your legs look when you're crouched down. This would be a great idea and I'm sure it would work had I tried it, plus this would have preserved the beautifully detailed feet which I've now sadly binned off.

On the topic of horses, Simon recommends using araldite or green stuff to stick the riders to their horses (this is what I will do).

I have also asked for a reasoning behind the lack of cohesion between rider and mounts so hopefully will receive a response in the next few days.

On a more interesting note, viewing figures for this site have gone through the roof! (Not quite sure what's happened there but must have been my posts on Elephants that did it). Whilst views on my Model Roman Army site have plummeted (I guess that's due to a lack of recent posts!).


DeanM said...

The position for the mahout that Simon suggested (with legs bent backwards) is closer to what they would look like - rather than looking like riding a horse. I believe the term is straddling - the guy is basically trying his best to stay on. About your other blog (Roman Army) - would you combine the two site? You could link it to this one for earlier posts; and then post from there for both subjects. Just an idea.

Consul said...

I'm thinking of adding another elephant eventually and will definitely try this method first! I wouldn't expect this anytime soon - I have to finish 2000 points and another elephant before I make a start on anything else!

In regards to the two blogs - this is something I thought long and hard about. Interestingly enough, the same people follow both blogs so I guess it wouldn't harm it too much if I merged the two. BUT, I think I'd prefer to give people the choice of just following a blog with only Romans or only Greeks so any information they may want is much easier to find. For example, on Iron Mitten, because of the variety of periods going on on the same blog, it's very hard to find a particular period or have a series of posts about the same period. They're usually spread out over several weeks or even months.

For now, I think i'll keep them as two seperate blogs (with a third for my musket-based projects) but may re-think this at a later stage.

Thank you for the suggestion though, it's definitely something I'm considering but it's going to be a tough decision...