Saturday, 29 August 2009

Macedonian 28mm Phalanx

The Macedonian army I ordered from Wargames Foundry arrived the other day and to my horror none of them came with weapons! I am aware that buying individual packs require weapons but I assumed that buying from an army deal would automatically include weapons as it's supposed to be a complete army. So I now have lots of angry, ill-equipped Greeks with no weapons. Nowhere on the page does it say separate weapons are required so I might send them a polite email asking what I can do.

I however have some pikes that I got free with my ancients painting set which will arm some of the troops (See the pictures included in this post). They are very attractive figures and i'll really enjoy painting them (although it will have to wait a little while whilst I finish of some of my Roman units).


legatus hedlius said...

I've just ordered some Foundry Masai and they used to come with cast spears (which are rather distinctive for these warriors). Now they only inlcude the spear heads so I will have to drill out every spear head and insert my own spear shaft! Grr!

The Foundry pikes (which you buy seperately, needless to say)are just sharpened rods. They used to always include a pack of these with boxed deals. I now get my pikes from Perry Miniatures as they have proper leaf shaped spear heads.

Consul said...

Ah, that sounds annoying! I've just spent the last few days pairing up my figures with the bases I have to see how many more I need. I also discovered two units of Romans I'd forgotten I had!

I've just ordered a load of pikes, spears and all sorts of other modelling bits and bobs from Gripping Beast (I've found myself looking at their site with increasing interest as some of their ranges have really taken my fancy, particularly their Crusaders/El Cid/ Normans!

Consul said...

I received the pikes I ordered from Gripping Beast and I can strongly recommend them as they have properly shaped spear heads (I will post some pictures very shortly).