Sunday, 23 August 2009


Greetings and welcome to my new blog! I have just purchased a Macedonian army from Wargames Foundry and have created this blog to document its development from purchase through to its painting and finally, it's completion.

I will regularly update this blog with pictures to show each stage of the army's creation.

This blog may be useful if you're considering building an army or are in the process of building one so we can overcome the problems faced together. It'd be great if you could 'follow' my blog so you can keep up to date with what's happening (I promise to only update this when I actually have something to show!)


legatus hedlius said...

A Macedonian army is omething I keep thinking about. I have quite a lot of light troops and cavalry which I painted for a game a few years ago but haven't started on any pikemen yet. looking forward to seeing how you do yours!

The Dale Wardens said...

Ha! You are experiencing a condition I call "Historical Period Drift"...don't worry it's a common affliction with miniature wargamers. It's symptoms are characterized chiefly by enthusiastic interest in new periods and and the purchasing of new miniature armies for them. Fear not, it's not fatal but can damage the bank account.

Some people's HPD symptoms are far more severe than other...for a good example see Legatus Hedlius! I am not sure that there is a historical period he is not interested in doing a miniature army for.

Of course I am not casting dispersions. I have HPD too. :)

Just remember, your enthusiasm, and OTHER's enthusiasm for new periods will lead to new transimissions of the highly infectious HPD.

I can't wait to see what you do with Macedonians! I have always wanted to do some ancient Greeks....

David S.
Minnesota, USA

Consul said...

Hey there!

My Macedonians have arrived! I have two units of Phalanx, one of Archers, one of Hypaspists and one of Cavalry. I'm incredibly excited about painting and basing them. Now that I have a lot more free time, both my blogs will move along a lot quicker than before and I will post some more painting pictures too.

I very nearly went down the 6mm Napoleonic and then 28mm Zulu War path but I realised that I'd better stick to the Ancients...for now!

I've just ordered a Assyrian Army to fight both my Romans and Macedonians. I know there may be a few historical inaccuracies there but they look like the sort of enemies they may have faced at some point it time, plus I can mix and match troops as mercenaries as would have happened at the time so atleast now I have some armies that can fight each other!