Sunday, 21 February 2010

Elephants (1)

I've just quickly put the elephant together using blu tack to give an idea of what it will look like when finished! There are some shields included to attach to the tower but I may not fix them on as I quite like the plain look. Please let me know if there is a reason why the shields could or should be attached.

I'm really impressed with this model and am sure it will be a real focal point on the battlefield and a highlight within the army!

I didn't want the pikes to be sticking out all directions or on different sides so I've chosen to mount the crew this way when they're painted, mainly for storage reasons. If they're all facing forward/roughly the same direction, I can easily fit them in the display cabinet or other storage drawer. Plus, the enemy will usually be infront of them!

An archer is also included in the pack of crew but as you can see from the photo above, there isn't room for a 3rd crew member in the tower - it's pretty cramped with two!

I've posted two posts in quick succession here. If you missed the last one, click here to view it.


DeanM said...

That's a nice aerial shot; shows the detail of the construction of the tower very well. I like it. I agree with you using the two pikemen only. In fact, depending on the rules/supplement, the two pikemen might be more useable for most scenarios. Dean

Consul said...

Thanks - I always try and get shots that other bloggers might not normally do or ones that I would like to see as a visitor. It's a very detailed tower.

I don't have the WAB rulebook or Alexander supplement with me (they're back at home) so I can't check but I wont be painting or glueing them in until I get home or I'll be able to have a look at how these factors affects the ellie's performance. The drawback may be that they don't have a ranged attack but that's not all bad.

DeanM said...

A lot more info on elephants will be found in the Successor supplement - which is supposed to be appearing soon. Dean

Consul said...

I've heard that it is currently being worked on and should appear by the end of the year, possibly next year.

This site is maintained and run by the author I think -

It's a fantastic resource for Macedonian and Greek collectors! Well worth a look.

DeanM said...

Oh yeah; one of the best sites around for Hellenistic wargaming & then some. Incredible wealth of knowledge and some of the best painted minis around. Dean