Thursday, 18 February 2010

Greek Command for DeanM

This is a photo of the Spartan commander post-dipping, as requested by DeanM. I wasn't going to post anymore photos of him until he was matte varnished and based properly but I guess it's interesting to see what he looks like in a step-by-step process. I'm amazed at just how white the white is! Even after dipping/brushing it on!

I really like the affect the AP has had on the hair. I was a little worried about dry-brushing and the AP as that's how my wolf-skinned Romans are painted (yet to be dipped) but it's reassuring to know that the AP really brings it all out!

All three figures on the command stand will look great in the middle of my Spartan army and I'm really excited to be cracking on with them over Easter. Just need to get a drill to drill out their spear hands!


DeanM said...

He's looking good. Nice work on the linothorax. Will you be hand-painting the shield design? Possibly the Lambda? Dean

The Extraordinarii said...

Hey, good stuff, I'm really Impressed by the Hair highlights, I'm currently working on a couple of German Barbarian Gladiators, and am stuck on the hair side of it, how do you highlight dark brown hair ??? after these Germans, I have three Spartan Gladiators to paint, so I need to sort this out, anyway, I shall use your work hear as an example, Goodwork !!

Consul said...

DeanM - Me, paint a shield design?! You must have the wrong blogger! Haha. I had originally planned not to paint the lambda as he's supposed to be a mercenary general (if used with my Macedonians but could be used on his own) so I thought it would show his allegance to sparta. I'm only painting the embossed shield designs on my Foundry Spartans.

Extra - Thanks, glad you like them! Well, with dark brown hair, you do a similar method to how i've done the black. You simply paint your darkest brown and then dry brush with a lighter shade. This will however raise the overall shade of the hair to a much lighter one from a far but looks great close up and much more natural. The Spartan's hair was easy. I undercoated with white, then painted the hair charcoal black 34C (which is one shade lighter than black because black doesn't 'dip' well) and highlighted with arctic grey 33A (Foundry paint system). He still makes him look like a strong man but his aged hair makes him look more experienced!

BigRedBat said...

Looks good! I'll have to give the dip a try.