Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Meet Apollonides

This is another 1st Corps figure (who doesn't fit on his horse either!) who I've named Apollonides and he will act as one of the commanders for my Macedonian army. He looks like a tough old general and will be great fun to paint!

I named him Apollonides after a character on the computer game Europa Universalis: Rome who, following the break-up of Alexander's empire, brought the Macedonian empire back to something of its former strength. This empire included all of Greece (excluding Pyrrhus with whom Apollonides decided to ally), Macedonia and the barbarian states to the north. He then proceeded to annex Thrace, Bithynia, Pergamon and Pontus and reclaimed the rest of Asia Minor from the Seleucids and Armenians after a bloody war that ran for 30 years. Apollonides decided to cease his aggressive expansion policy and decided to consolidate his borders, concentrating on the internal affairs of his newly founded empire instead. This is something the Seleucids had failed to do and were now embroiled in a bitter civil war and facing incursions from the Parthians to the East.

It's always fun to give your characters a little background history although this character will probably be fighting alongside a young Alexander during his rise to power, and not following his death - so he's still able to achieve something similar!


DeanM said...

Odd how the riders don't seat properly - both the cavalry and elephant's mahout. Otherwise nice sculpting and detail. Dean

Consul said...

It's very odd. I bought some of their Spanish cavalry last year and it's the same problem, their large round shields also prevent them from sitting straight. I don't know what's wrong or how their do their sculpting but it's certainly very odd.

It's making me very worried as I have 24 horse archers at home which I haven't had the chance to look at! Iron Mitten has done a good job on his, however:

I got a very interesting reply from 1st Corps re: mahouts. I'll post the response later today.


The Extraordinarii said...

He looks like he has experience on his side, I look forward to seeing him painted.

Consul said...

He's a great sculpt with lots of detail so should be very fun. I'll get straight to work when I get back for Easter. It shouldn't be too hard to mount him on his horse, though.

DeanM said...


I'd like to see that 1st Corps response. Thanks, Dean

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