Friday, 26 February 2010

More correspondence from 1st Corps

Following their suggestions for modeling the mahout, I contacted 1st Corps again to find out why their riders don't fit their mounts. Here's their reply:

"The elephant driver was designed to fit both the African and Indian elephants, he sits perfectly on the African elephant with his legs. As to the horses, that was a mistake by the designer and it wasn't noticed until all the moulds had been made."

Hope this offers some explanation. It sounds like the crew were designed to be universal but it just happens the mahout fits better on the African elephant. It's a real shame about the horses and spells bad news for all the horse archers I have waiting for me at home.

I'm going home for the day tomorrow so will hopefully get to take a few snaps and might prep and prime a few and bring them back with me to paint!


DeanM said...

Mistake or not, I like 1st Corps and their customer service. Simons' quick and honest reply proves this. As far as ill-fitting riders and mounts - that's the norm for some manufacturers :)! Dean

Consul said...

I agree, Dean. They make some great looking troops and postage within the UK is super speedy!

By 'some manufacturers', do you mean 1st Corps? ;)

Expect some more photos by the end of the weekend.


DeanM said...

I hope not.