Thursday, 4 March 2010

Greek Command Stand

This photos shows my first Greek command stand for my Spartan allies/mercenaries. All figures have been painted, varnished and glued to the base. I really like how this has turned out but have to admit the photo doesn't really do it justice (the light was very bright plus, it's a little blurry). Interesting modeling idea - the guard on the right has warts on his nose/cheek!)

I've kept the shields blank in keeping with the mercenary idea - making them ideal for use with other armies such as my Greeks, Macedonians and Persians.

The picture is clickable. Feel free to leave any comments or ideas you may have.


DeanM said...

Looking great. Are you sure you don't want to add some shield blazons? I saw some new decals recently released on TMP - can't recall who the manufacturer was. But these were water-slide types - unlike the LBMS types that normally need a white base. Regards, Dean

Consul said...

DeanM - I'm sure ;) although, I may change my mind once the rest of the Spartans come together! I'll take a look for those transfers.

Thanks again for your continuted support, Dean. Means a lot! It's always useful to get the advice of another or a 2nd opinion.


Cisza said...

The commander is looking really grim. Your painting gave him a lot of character.

Galpy said...

Nice paint job well done
I've also become a follower of you blog

Consul said...

Cisza - He certainly looks like quite a tough character!

Kent - Thank you. Glad to know you're enjoying the blog!

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